March Madness

March Madness

Welcome to Kesala Boutique! Thanks for joining us for our mid March update! 

As March is unfolding, a sea of green envelops streets, homes, and hearts worldwide. The Tampa Bay area is no exception! That coupled with the electric buzz of spring breakers and seasonal visitors makes March one of our favorite months! There is so much to do and the weather is not hot enough yet to spoil our plans! 

Speaking of plans, do you have any for St. Patrick's Day yet? It's on Sunday this year so we know that means people will be celebrating all weekend long and we are all in! We will be a participating vendor at this years Paddy Fest in downtown St. Petersburg! There will be food trucks, local vendors, highland games, drinks, bands and more from 12-9pm this Saturday and Sunday! 

Check out the event site for more info: Paddy Fest St. Pete - March 16-17 2024 (

Here are some fun facts to get you in the celebratory mood:

  1. Snake Story!: Legend has it that Patrick banished snakes from Ireland.
  2. New York’s Grand Parade: The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in Waterford, Ireland, in 1903. But across the Atlantic, New York City boasts the world’s oldest civilian parade, with over 150,000 participants
  3. About First Saint Patrick’s Day: The earliest celebrations honored Saint Patrick’s missionary work.
  4. From Blue to Green: Before green took center stage, blue was associated with St. Patrick. However, in 1798, green officially became the color of the day. Now, streets, clothing, and even rivers turn vibrant green in celebration.
  5. Shamrock and the Holy Trinity: St. Patrick ingeniously used a shamrock to teach pagans about the Holy Trinity. This humble three-leafed plant now stands as Ireland’s official flower

So, whether you’re Irish by blood or Irish at heart, raise a glass to St. Patrick, wear your green (are we alone in wishing the color tied to the holiday was still blue?), and dance a jig this weekend!  And while you’re at it, explore Kesala’s curated collections—we’ve got your chic and modern wardrobe covered for all of your events this spring! 

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Thank you for joining me on this journey! 

-Amber, Owner of Kesala 

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